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Member 01 Aug 2011
Posted by: Michelle Tan
HealthCare Interest Group

Business Schools Say Good Management Is a Key Part of Good Medicine as Global Health-Care Sector Grows Rapidly

From using marketing techniques to spreading information about healthy eating and exercise to harnessing operations-management ideas to help streamline care at hospitals, business schools are jumping into the sprawling health-care industry.

With research, consulting projects and executive training courses, business-school academics are focusing more than ever on a sector that is among the worlds largest, arguing that good management is a key part of good medicine.

And with job prospects in many other industries stills aging, future MBAs are looking increasingly toward health care, which promises to grow as populations age and those in developing countries demand access to the latest treatments.

Even in Western countries where job opportunities have sagged in recent years, employment in health care has stayed level, or even increased slightly, says Frank Lichtenberg, a health economist at Columbia Business School.

Given the aging of the population, the demographics are pretty clear—we're going to see an increase in the consumption of healthcare, he says. So I think we're going to see a sustained increase in student interest.

The above is an abstract taken from an article written by Beth Gardiner

Healthcare in Singapore is slowly evolving over the years. From the high ceiling fans and strong disinfectant smelling medical centres of the yester years, our hospital facilities and service offerings has significantly improved over the years. Besides trying to keep up with these technological times, we have also started to realise that the management of medicine should be similar to how any other business is run. MBAs can use their marketing techniques and lean operations management skills to further streamline care at hospitals and medical service providers, and even educate and spread information about healthy eating and exercise. With this realisation set in, there is thus an increasing demand for business professionals to helm and manage the back-end administration crucial in assisting the front end medical team in the delivery of the high standards of care to our patients.And with a lesser rosy peek for job opportunities in other industries, many MBAs are thus increasingly looking toward healthcare, which shows good potential for growth as our population age and demand for latest treatments emerge. "Given the aging of the population, the demographics are pretty clear—we're going to see an increase in the consumption of health care. So I think we're going to see a sustained increase in student interest." says Frank Lichtenberg, a health economist at Columbia Business School.

Since NUS MBA students are taught the very skills required for these ‘back-end heros’, why then are we not tapping on this network and creating opportunities for our students?

With this main objective in mind, the NUS MBA Healthcare Interest Group is set up. This Group is open to all NUS MBA Alumni members who might be keen in a mid-career change to the healthcare sector and thus provide opportunities for their career transitions. We also plan to organise events that involve the inviting of speakers from healthcare institutions and/or leading medical companies so that they may share their insights on healthcare management. More importantly, we have a current team of MBA Alumni who graduated from the MBA-Specialisation in Healthcare, and we are happy to nurture and share our experiences with our peers who might be interested to know more. At the very least, the Group hopes to serve as a platform for interaction between MBA Alumni with similar career interests and foster new friendships from there.

So if you are a NUS MBA Alumni member currently working in the healthcare industry, or keen to join this industry, or even as simply as wanting to know more friends from the healthcare sector, do join our NUS MBA Healthcare Interest Group. You can send your email to to sign up, or if you are a Face book user, just search for NUS MBA Healthcare Interest Group or click on this link and drop me a message so that I may authorise you into the Group. The prognosis for good health starts today. Join the NUS MBA Healthcare Interest Group now and find like-minded friends!

Michelle Tan
Co-opted Director
MBA Alumni – NUS Executive Committee
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Member 04 Apr 2012
Posted by: Michelle Tan
Impact of Myanmar elections - Global Perspective
"YANGON, April 3 (Xinhua) -- The opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi has won 43 of 45 parliamentary seats available for contest in Sunday's historic by- election, according to final official result announced by the Union Election Commission on Tuesday"

Dear friends,

Do you think this will have an impact on businesses / trade in Myanmar?

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